Depressing Month - Chart Thoughts?
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Thread: Depressing Month - Chart Thoughts?

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    Question Depressing Month - Chart Thoughts?

    Hi all,

    Had a bit of a stressful month. My final semester of grad school started, DH started work for the school year, etc.

    Can you look at my chart and tell me when you would test? I don't really have any symptoms but my chart is not quite as jagged as usual.

    Anyone think it looks good?

    My Ovulation Chart

    No judgement about the days before ovulation - I was on vacation

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    I used to be all for early testing, but now I promote waiting until at least the day your period is due (though this month I didn't follow that advice myself ), or if you don't have regular periods, then wait until about 14 days after the day you ovulated (according to your chart). In your case, that would be 2 days from now, or Wednesday.

    Hope AF doesn't show and you get to test

    DD 2/'07

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    Your temps haven't dropped as much as they did in your other charts by this point, so I'm thinking you might be good to go. I'd wait to see what tomorrow's temp looks like and then give it a go. If you drop a lot, save the money and wait to see if AF comes.

    Here's hoping!
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