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    Hello, My temp is going down now and BFN on all tests yesterday & Today including a FRER so looks like the BFP's mixed with the BFN's I had were from a chemical pregnancy this cycle I feel like AF is on her way and I wish it would just come on and get the worst of it over with early in the week so I can relax and have fun at the Motorcycle Rally this weekend I wish you all the best of luck with your BFP's. My FF membership is out in a day and I am not going to renew in fact I am not charting next cycle I think this cycle was heartbreaking enough! DH just got a new job he starts today and we have a place we need to fix up and move in to so maybe sometime when it is right I will miss AF and get a good dark BFP then I can come back in the preg boards and hopefully stay for the long haul Thanks for everything bye for now.
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