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    Default I need experts please

    I haven't been on these boards for ages and ages but last cycle I went on clomid and it inded up being a 52 day cycle. Consistent pre O temps, consistent after O temps then the drop then AF even for a 52 day cycle. I O'd CD 13 last cycle. This cycle I had O pains ewcm etc all before O.

    My chart is so confusing, especially for a clomid cycle.

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    Hi! First...welcome back! I see you've had a very long and heartbreaking journey to get to this point. I hope that there is good news coming for you.

    That is a CRAZY chart! I'm going to start off by assuming that you've tested? It looks like you've put in an override for O and coverline. If you don't override, what does FF say? And, are your open circle temps because putting them in at a different time, or some other reason? I don't agree with CD 14 as O, no matter what. CD 17 looks more likely, but that still doesn't solve your mystery. It actually doesn't really look like a chart that confidently shows and O until it gets to CD 30. Everything after that looks like a beautiful, post-O temp pattern. That would make absolutely no sense because it is too long after the Clomid, but that's just how it looks to me.

    From what I've read, Clomid can definitely mess with your temps and apparently can give you an unusually long LP without being PG. I wish I had more helpful to tell you.

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    Hi Cazz!

    It is great to see you! I believe that Jean gave you some great info. I'm really wishing you the VERY best!!

    Keep us posted!

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    Welcome back!

    When you said, "This cycle I had O pains ewcm etc all before O," which cycle day did you have those? I don't know much about Clomid, but it sounds like from what Jean was saying that it could affect your temps, so your temps may not be the most reliable source.


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