I think I o'd ???

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I think I o'd ???

Oaky, my temp usually hovers I guess around 96.8-97.2 (?) There was one day I got a wired spike but my poodle was asleep on my face when I woke up so I think that may have something to do with it LoL Smile

I've seen a pretty gradual increase in temp, I thought it was a more drastic spike? Could anyone help me interpret this?

cd 10- 96.8
Cd11- 96.8
Cd 12- 97.18
Cd 13- 97.2
Cd 14- 97.58
Cd 15- 97.73 (today)

In all honesty I don't really know what I'm looking at LoL. I'm trying to post to my online ff chart so hopefully that works SmileSmileSmile


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The link takes me to my own FF chart (it can be tricky figuring out which code to use, if I have time I'll come back later to tell you how to get the right one), but based on your list of temps, I'd say you probably O'd on CD 13 or 14. What was your cervical fluid like? Do you check it? If you had EWCM (egg white-like cervical mucous) on either of those days then I'd say it's a good possibility that's when you o'd. :goodluck: