Jean (Celticbandgeek)!!!!

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Jean (Celticbandgeek)!!!!

I was just stalking your you tested yet?! It looks like you are 16 dpo with no AF in sight!! Eeek!! Fingers crossed!!!! Biggrin

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Thanks for keeping an eye out for me Jina! I was just coming to post and saw this. Smile I was waiting and hoping to share good news, but sadly not so much.

XP from Dealing with Infertility board

AFM - Something of a disaster this month. We managed to conceive on our own (again.) Had a light +HPT on Friday, better lines and a positive CBED on Saturday. Was starting to get excited, since I never had a +digi on any of my CP cycles before. But yesterday the temp dropped a little and the lines didn't get any better. Today more temp drop and barely there lines. Confirmed the worst at my beta...7.8. Proves that I haven't been imagining the CPs, or getting weird false positives. But it gives me 5 losses (4 CPs and 1 m/c) in 10 cycles. I'm not buying "bad luck" as an explanation anymore. I'm not having a problem with conception, just everything afterward.

So, now I'm in a holding pattern and NOT having an IUI cycle this month. Next Wednesday I have an appointment with my RE for follow up and to see where to go next. I'm requesting karotype genetic testing to see if there is an issue there...there has to be a reason for this. We'll see what she says. I've been told to "avoid" for the time being until we have a plan. But I have a feeling IVF with PGD is going to end up as the recommendation, although I can't have it from my insurance until a few more failed IUI cycles (not sure if any genetic findings would change that.) Not what I was hoping for.

So, I'm doing ok. I really can't say I was surprised, and I'd much rather have the early loss than the m/c later on. I'm pretty mad about things, to be honest. There HAS to be an explanation! I'm still waiting for AF to show up. For once, I'm in a hurry for her to get here.

I'll keep stalking you all while I'm sitting on the side lines! I'd better see lots of BFPs here to keep me smiling! Smile

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:bighug: I'm sorry, Jean. I hope you finally get some answers.


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Jean, I'm so sorry. Sad I hope AF showes herself quickly and hope you get some answers. :bigarmhug:

PS - I sent you a PM.

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Another hug for you, Jean :bighug:

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:bigarmhug: I'm so sorry Jean. I hope they do the testing and give you some answers!

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I really hope that you get answers quickly, Jean. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.