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    Default LP question

    dumb question I'm sure, but I'm very confused by this month's chart.

    I think everything is way messed up do to BF my daughter but just need some thoughts on what my body is doing. I have had three cycles since getting AF back. First cycle was 37 days, then 41, and this last cycle was 26. What the heck is my body doing? Prior to DD, I had 29/30 day cycles pretty consistently, with O on day 17 almost everytime. FF gave me crosshatches on day 17 for this 26 day cycle which would put the LP at only 9 days compared to a regular LP for me of 12/13. There is NO WAY looking at my chart that I O'd prior to day 17 so that part does make sense to me. Is there any way to predict when AF is coming if the LP is changing?

    thanks for any imput you may have!

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    Hi! AF returned for me shortly after having DD even with exclusively breast feeding. I also had wonky cycles. Most were really short (21-24 days) and some were right around 30. I didn't start charting until a few months ago, but I noticed that my LP was only about 8-9 days most cycles (according to my + opk.)
    I took B6 for a month (100 mg a day) and it helped regulate my LP. Since then, it's been 12-13 days every cycle.

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