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    Okay, so recently my boyfriend and i have had unprotected sex. By recently i mean like a few weeks ago, and maybe even a week ago (hard to remember.) Normally we use protection but we didn't a few times and well now i'm late, i was originally suppose to start on June 1st (i track my period, i have been tracking it since 2012) well i never got my period. On May 31st i experienced some spotting and i didn't quite understand why. It's been 8 days and i still haven't gotten my period. But lately i've been feeling cramps, getting headaches, getting slightly dizzy, i've thrown up a few times, always having to pee, and i've gotten suddenly warmer. The thing is i've taking 2 tests and they come back negative. And in my family, theres this thing where tests are negative but blood work is positive. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, but is there any possibility that i might be pregnant.? i've also felt alot more tired than i would normally be.

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    There is a chance.
    I would see a doctor.
    Even if you aren't the doctor maybe able to shed some light on to why you are so late
    Good luck
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    I will be most likely going to the doctor Friday, if i still haven't gotten my period. It's pretty scary due to the fact i'm only 19. Thank you though.

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