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    Question New to the BBT

    Hi, I'm Vanessa

    I've been over on the TTC 2 years+ board.

    My new ObGyn has asked me to start charting to show him next month. Even though DH and I have been TTC for 3years now, we've always used the digi OPKs. So this is brand new territory for me.

    Any tips or advice?

    Thanks a bunches

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    Hi Vanessa! Welcome! Sorry it took so long to answer.

    Also, I'm sorry your TTC journey has been so long already. I've a bit of an idea of how that feels, and I know there's so much stress and frustration that comes from it.

    Okay, so I started temping a little over a year ago. This is what I've learned and how I got started:

    1. create an account on It's a great place to chart your temps, and if you have a smartphone, they have an app that makes it easy to input temperatures in the morning. (They even have a voice-input option where you just say your temperature and it records it, but I haven't tried it).

    2. Take the beginner's charting course on Fertility Friend. It's split up in modules, and I completed it easily in a few days. Or, you can read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler

    Amazon link: Taking Charge of Your Fertility,10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control,Pregnancy Achievement,and Reproductive Health: Toni Weschler: 9780060881900: Books

    I've done both, but TCOYF covers the same stuff as the charting course online does.

    3. Get a BBT thermometer. It's more accurate than a normal thermometer. I got mine at Target for 10 bucks or so.

    4. Taking your temp- your first cycle may look a little wonky because you are learning, but it's easy to get used to and soon you will see a pattern in your cycle. (or maybe you won't, which gives the doctors tons of information as well)

    Tips for taking your temperature
    Take your temperature at the same time (or as close to the same time as you can) every morning.

    Make sure you get a good block of uninterrupted sleep before you take your temp, at least four hours.

    Take your temperature as soon as you awake- before you do anything else. Don't go pee, take a drink, put your contacts in, nothing!

    Keep track of your Cervical Mucus (discharge). It gives you a ton of information. I know it sounds weird if you haven't done it before, but your CM changes throughout your cycle and gives you hints on when you are most fertile.

    Keep doing OPKs. I like to do OPKs along with charting. Charting tells you after the fact that you've ovulated, but it doesn't really give you a warning.

    Okay... I think I've assaulted you with enough information now. Seriously though, I'm here if you have any questions. I hope the rest of your TTC journey is incredibly short and sweet.

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