New to this board...o question

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New to this board...o question

Hi! I'm from the march 2010 board and I'm fairly new to charting etc as our first was a surprise! So this is my fourth month of charting and every month I've o'd around cd20/21. Well today is cd 14 and I had a 0.6 ish temp spike, which I assumed was just an outlier BUT I also noticed a small amount of spotting today. I'm going to tackle my dh to bd as soon as we get my ds to bed but is this really weird? Are we too late to bd? We did it on Sunday night.

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Welcome! Do you have a link to your chart? I would say that would be a discard temp.

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We need to see your chart for sure! What was the spotting like? (color/amt) Was there anything unusual about the temp? (different time than normal, interrupted sleep etc) Do you check any of your other fertility signs like CM and CP? If so, what have they been doing?

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Some women spot a little at ovulation time, so you very well could have been o'ing. Your temps over the next few days will be more telling. And by the way, the egg can last up to 24 hrs on average. :goodluck: