New Thermometer Issues

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New Thermometer Issues

I've had the same BBT Thermometer for 2 years and it's stared acting strange so I ran by the drug store and picked up a new one.

I am having problems. I temp in the morning at 6 and the last two days it has given me a very low 96 range reading. Since my normal temps this time of my cycle are high 97's, I have immediately temped again without getting up and it's in the 97 range. I know my body temp can rise 1.5 degrees in a minute or two so I have decided my thermometer is just bad.

Anyone else have this happen and are there any suggestions on where to find a new thermometer as the only one I've been able to find is this walgreens one? I'm only on CD6 so I think that if I can find one today I'll at least have reasonable temps tomorrow forward as I usually don't O till day 13.

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I've had the same problems with mine (from CVS). I assumed it had been sitting on the shelf too long, and the battery went bad. My plan is to just buy a new battery and try that.
As far as where to buy a new thermometer, I have no suggestions. Everything I read says you can find them at most drugstores, or Walmart/Target, but I've only found the one at CVS here (MN).

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I got mine at Target and love it (Target brand). It has lasted a really long time, too. Does the one you have read your temp after only a few seconds? I used to have one like that and it would read my temp a whole degree lower than it was supposed to. The one I bought from Target is a true basal thermometer (make sure it says basal), because it takes longer than just a few seconds to read my temp, more like closer to a minute and occasionally as long as three minutes.

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I'm using the walgreens one as well. Mine has been fine reading the temp, but I really hate that it will only show you the temp once. As I have usually not had my coffee yet, that can be a bad thing if you're not quite awake enough to get it quick! My old one from walgreens would save 3-4 temps and show them 3-4 times. This one you have too look quick when you turn it on or else it resets and erases the temp. I think I may look into that target brand one.

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Thanks for the input. I have now been to 2 targets and neither of them had ones in stock. I don't want to go back to walgreens and get another one so I think I'm just going to order one online I can guarantee has temp recall and maybe temping this IUI cycle will be off the table....