Opinions on my cycle...

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Opinions on my cycle...

According to my iPhone app: my cycles are about 34 days apart. It varies between 32 and 37 days over the past year of charting so i understand 34 is an average. My period was 5/8 so I should ovulate tomorrow, Monday 5/28 going off of a 34 day month. We had unprotected sex on Thursday morning 5/24 and Saturday morning 5/26. Today my opk did not have a dark enough line to call it a surge but I did have a big glob of ewcm today. (sorry for tmi) does that mean O is coming or perhaps it happened and I missed catching the surge on the strip? (didn't test yesterday)

furthermore if the ewcm means O is coming within the next day or so can the sperm survive until then based on the 2 times we had sex? Prior to today's ewcm I did have some other cm that was a little stretchy but not like today. I know sperm lasting in the Fallopian tubes depends on the conditions of the cm. Can it just "get to where it needs to go (and hang out)" with the ewcm I had today or is it possible the other kind of cm I had the days we had sex preserve it as well. Trying to figure out my probability of getting pregnant this month! (will be away from dh no more baby dancing can be done!)

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Here is some info that might be helpful to you:

Cervical Fluid and Intercourse Timing
The Fertile Window - Scientific Literature Review

As far as telling when O is coming, it's hard to pinpoint the exact day based on fertile CM alone, so I would keep testing with opks just in case you haven't o'd yet, and, if you are temping, look for a sustained temp rise to confirm that O has happened.

I hope that answered your questions and let me know if you have any more and I'll try to help Biggrin