Ovulation prediction on pg.org?

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Ovulation prediction on pg.org?

When I wanted to get pregnant with my son, back in 2007, I ran across a chart on this site, much like the charting chart-where you input your last menstrual cycle, the length of your cycle and it gave you the best 3 days to DTD and TTC. I went by that, and struck gold with our first try and now that we are going to TTC #2 soon, I keep trying to locate that and can't seem to find it. Is it still here somewhere or should I give up and go buy a OPK? Thanks!

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Hmmm... I know there are a lot of sites out there, but none sound exactly as you described.
But have you tried:

Those are the three I used, along with OPKs.

Hope this helps!

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"irishgirl" wrote:



Thats the one! Thank you!

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I really like this one:
that's the one I used to get pregnant with my son.