Please have a look at my chart! (XP with Jan 3013)
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Thread: Please have a look at my chart! (XP with Jan 3013)

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    Default Please have a look at my chart! (XP with Jan 3013)

    I'm thinking maybe I ovulated yesterday since my temp went up but it's not a drastic rise... We were supposed to DTD Wed night but i was exhaused and fell asleep at 9 so we BD last night instead. If I did ovulate yesterday do you think I still have a chance at this month? We only BD 2 times so far... I'm so mad we didn't get to on Wed. Oh and last night (TMI) I was on top and we didnt' get a chance to switch before finishing so my chances with last nights BD are probally low too Darn I was so into trying this month and I feel like it's already over...

    Oh and I was using OPK's and they never gave me a positive either...
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    It looks promising but you can't really tell until it's a prolonged rise so tomorrow you should get some lovely CH's! Fingers crossed!
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    Definitely looks like you could have o'd, and I say you still have a good chance. The "on top" thing shouldn't make that much difference. Pretty sure they swim "upstream" LOL.

    Ummm, Christina? What's this I'm seeing in your siggy? Off to find where you made your official announcement so I can officially congratulate you (PS: Good to "see" you, by the way )

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