Please have a look at my chart! (XP with Jan 3013)

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Please have a look at my chart! (XP with Jan 3013)

I'm thinking maybe I ovulated yesterday since my temp went up but it's not a drastic rise... We were supposed to DTD Wed night but i was exhaused and fell asleep at 9 so we BD last night instead. If I did ovulate yesterday do you think I still have a chance at this month? We only BD 2 times so far... I'm so mad we didn't get to on Wed. Oh and last night (TMI) I was on top and we didnt' get a chance to switch before finishing so my chances with last nights BD are probally low too Darn I was so into trying this month and I feel like it's already over...

Oh and I was using OPK's and they never gave me a positive either...

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It looks promising but you can't really tell until it's a prolonged rise so tomorrow you should get some lovely CH's! Fingers crossed!

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Definitely looks like you could have o'd, and I say you still have a good chance. The "on top" thing shouldn't make that much difference. Pretty sure they swim "upstream" LOL. :goodluck:

Ummm, Christina? What's this I'm seeing in your siggy? Off to find where you made your official announcement so I can officially congratulate you Biggrin (PS: Good to "see" you, by the way Lol