Question about body temp?

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Question about body temp?

I figured since you guys all temp, maybe you can answer this question.

I know body temp can affect fertility. I also know that low temps can indicate thyroid issues (which mine tested out normal).

Does anyone here have VERY low BBTs? Like - 95F/96F average? When I temped the few cycles I did it was low, like 96F range, but sometimes dipping as low as in the 95F range.

We already know I have anotomical problems with conceiving (only one good tube and a complex cyst on the good side that makes ovulation hard), but I'm wondering if the low temps are also casusing an issue. Last night I was shivering uncontrollably in bed, under the covers, with heavy fleece pants and a long sleeve fleece shirt on. I took my temp (with my new thermometre as the old one ran out of batteries) and it was 95F.

Am I crazy or does that just seem wrong? Why I am I always so cold??? It's only November and I'm already dreading the winter!! What if this is causing us fertility issues as well?

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I know my pre-O temps always hang in the low-to-mid-96 range, and I've had a FEW dip as low as 95.9, but pretty rarely...usually during the cold months of the year. But, it's such an individual thing. I've noticed, even when my temp went up with the BFP, on a couple of the cold nights this week if I felt really cold from being out from under the covers or the room was cold, my temp came up quite a bit lower. (Freaked me out quite a bit, I must say! :eek: )

My guess would be that as long as your are staying in a consistent range and aren't seeing a sudden change in your temps, you are probably seeing normal temps for you (although the 95 does seem quite low.) I would bring it up with your Dr. and see if s/he thinks it could be an indicator of something else going on, or if it is something they see regularly.

You know I'm TOTALLY pulling for you to get that BFP! :bigarmhug:

pico83 (not verified)

Yeah, those sound low, but you said your thyroid was fine. Low temps post-O can indicate low progesterone, but it sounds like you're talking about pre-O I think there's a lot of variation between women and you have to know your own normal. My temps tend to run high. I temp vaginally and my pre-O is usually around 98 and post-O has gone as high as 99.5.

Good luck!

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Low temps can also indicate PCOS. Mine were in the mid-95s - one of the first signs something wasnt right! I would talk to the doc about it for sure!

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I happened to run across this post and wanted to comment that lower temps may mean nothing as well. I temp pre-O in the 96 range and do not have fertility problems. It certainly doesn't hurt to talk with your doc about it though! Good luck and I hope you get your BFP!

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Just now seeing this so sorry for a very late response.

I always seemed to have a low temp (95-95) when I temped orally. Then I temped vaginally and it was 97's. Never really higher than 98's.

I would definitely try temping vaginally if you are not already, it is more reliable.

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The others have given great suggestions/advice, I just wanted to add that you might also check your thermometer. When I first started temping, I thought I had bought the right thermometer because it was digital. However, the ones that read your temp after only a few seconds tend to not be "true" basal thermometers -- you need one that will read it after at least thirty seconds, up to three minutes. When I switched thermometers, my temp was running a whole degree higher. I bought my thermometer (the right one) at Target (I think it was the Target brand) and it has been reliable and lasted a couple of years.

That being said, my temps do run low on occasion, down into the 96 range at times, usually when I'm nearing O.