Question of the Day (TUES June 12)

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Question of the Day (TUES June 12)

(A vent-a-thon, just for fun) What 5 things are annoying you the most right now?

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Yay Vent-a-thons!! Smile

1. Every irresponsible person known to man getting pregnant. Wink

2. My dh's best friend lives with us now, and it's too much testosterone.

3. When I'm making an elaborate dinner and dh and said friend are sitting there eating junk food.

4. My kids' whining

5. Lack of communication at the school I teach at.

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Elizabeth - Oh I so hear you on #3 and #4!!! And on #5, my DD's teacher had the same problem at her school. It wasn't intentional, of course, but an issue nevertheless.

Here's mine:

1. My DH. BAHAHAHA! j/k. Mostly. ROFL

2. Left lane slow drivers on the interstate or highway. If you're going to drive slower than the speed limit, no problem, but please please plee-eease move over to the right lane.

3. Impatient speeders, especially when they ride your bumper only to try and get you to go faster. Fine to do that for about a minute, just in case I'm day dreaming and don't realize how slow I'm going, LOL, but if I don't speed up, then I'm probably going the speed I want to go. Back off, Buster! Biggrin

4. A certain little person, who will remain unnamed, who likes to be LOUD in the living room while big persons are trying to watch a TV program. I love said little person very much, but we don't watch much TV, so when we do, it would be nice to do so without competing background noise. Wink

5. The fact that I can't seem to keep the kitchen counter free of clutter, no matter how hard I try.