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    Default Questioning O day

    FF says that I am 3 DPO but I really think I o'd on CD 15. On CD 15 I woke up about 630 but just layed in bed tossing and turning but I didnt take my temp right away bc I had been up a few hrs before with DS so I waited til 730 whe I actually got up. TMI but I also had lots of EWCM on CD 15 so I thought for sure it was my peak day and my cervix was still HSO. On CD 16 my cm was more creamy not ew. Then today I had alot of EWCM again. FF gave me dotted crosshairs bc of the fertile cm after o date. Has anyone had ewcm after o? Also what day did I O? I normally always o on CD15. IDK I just want to test already lol. We were doing the three day cut off before o and if I did o on CD 14 that puts me at a 2 day cut off now.

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    I'd say you either O'd on CD 14 or 15.

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