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    Default Recording CM....

    So, I have a question that I am mostly just wondering about... I use the Taking Charge of Your Fertility software to just keep track of my actual bleeding days, spotting days, and my cm all other days. I don't temp. My cycle has always been very regular, and so this works for me- we conceived DD on the first try.

    I'm in a 2ww now... and I'm wondering about how to record some days. There are days when I have basically no CM at all, and then I'll poop and there will be a big glug of creamy, lotiony cm. Obviously, the pressure makes something appear.... but, on the day when I've had 5 bathroom trips that are "dry/nothing" and then one that has "creamy, lotiony" what should I check for that day?

    I do know that heavy, thick, creamy, lotiony cm is very normal for me- I've always had it, and have it for more of the month than most other women do. And I don't know how much of a difference it makes in what I'm recording- I don't mix it up with EWCM knows.

    Anyway...just wondering what some of you might do in that instance?
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    When I was charting usually I charted the most fertile cm I saw for the day. This obviously makes a big diff with EW and Watery, but not really with anything else.

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    I usually update my chart to reflect the most fertile cm I get for that given day. Fertile CM can show up anytime, so only charting what you find when you first potty in the morning isn't always the best. I find things work their way out of my system more when i'm up and moving around.
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