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Thread: Sooo....

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    Default Sooo....

    How is everyone? Jean? Mary? You out there? Lurkers??

    Miss you gals!

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    Hi Elizabeth! I'm doing okay. Have had a lot going on lately! My dad was, of course, already in a nursing home, and now my step mom is, too! She had a brain hemorrhage and wound up in the hospital - thankfully she survived it and is slowly recovering. Still very weak, though, she can't even sit up without help. It's quite the change for her, as she was soooo healthy and ACTIVE before this happened! It happened while she was in a meeting at the nursing home my dad is in, she was talking about my dad and was a bit stressed and that's when it happened. They said they think her blood pressure going up is what triggered it.

    How are things on your end? I've been thinking about you from time to time and still pray for your back every night with my daughter and for the surgery to go well and all that. When was your surgery scheduled for again?

    How is everyone else?

    DD 2/'07

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