Tomorrow is it!

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Tomorrow is it!

I said i was going to start temping on cD1 but since af showef a whole week early smh i will get my temp tom at 5:55 hopefully i dont forget

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Wow, a whole week early?? Are you sure it's AF? LOL. Well, at least you have less time to wait until O again and another chance to catch the egg! Smile

Set a special reminder on your cell phone to take your temp if it will help!

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Yay! GL Tasha. I think you'll like's always nice to know exactly when you O'd. I agree with Mary about setting a special alarm. I set my phone alarm for 5:30 am and just go back to sleep for a few more hours afterwards. Smile

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I love temping I seriously feel addicted to it... before I had DS I would spot like a day or 2 before AF came so I was always warned and then after I had him and took out the IUD I would start AF heavy, no warning at all which it always started at work so with temping I could see the temp drop and I would prepare myself..

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Once you get into the habit of temping, you won't even have to think about it. My alarm goes off and I instinctively reach for my thermometer Smile It has been so neat to see exactly what my body is doing. This is only my second month and I'm already starting to see a pattern.

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i love temping! I never thought i would but i know for sure I ovulated this month so that's a plus! I will also know exactly how long my LP is cuz i know exactly when I o'd

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So i will have to start temping again this cycle...