triphasic chart?

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triphasic chart?

does my chart look like it's going triphasic? can you have a triphasic chart and not be pregnant?

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If you look back on my last chart I did have a triphasic chart, and unfortunately I wasn't pregnant. I think the Clomid did it for me though as it makes your temps a little higher than normal. But, that doesn't mean that you aren't pregnant. So really, it could go both ways. I will keep my fingers crossed for you though, hun!

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Yes, it does look triphasic. Lovely.
Unfortunately, yes, you can have a triphasic chart without being pregnant. It has happened to me a few times (while TTA) and none of my 3 pregnancy charts has been triphasic.
I hope yours is triphasic because you're pregnant, though. Good luck!

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Yep, I have to agree with all the ladies that you can have a triphasic chart without being pregnant. I have a beautiful triphasic chart on month and no BFP.

However, your chart does look lovely! Do you know why it's giving you the dotted lines for your CH's? Just wondering if that could have an effect on how your chart is reading.