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For your viewing pleasure!

Now here's a chart full of win. I was pretty sure I was out this cycle, but my temps didn't start going up until I got my BFP!

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Congrats! Wishing you a happy, healthy nine months. Smile

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Yaaay! :clappy: Congrats! Just goes to show, you're not out til the Big Fat Positive sings! Yahoo

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Thanks ladies! If it weren't for charting, I wouldn't be pregnant right now. I just introduced a friend to charting who has been TTC #2 for close to a year, she had never heard of charting!

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:woohoo: Congrats!!! That is SOOO a winning chart!!!

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you could wind up with scenes that are too dark or too bright. This one is a console variable and can be toggled live. One of the highest priority tasks we have is to make it so this feature runs correctly without a performance cost, and that work is ongoing.

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Congrats on the BFP! HH9M to you Smile