The 5 most important ways of baby/child proofing your home

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The 5 most important ways of baby/child proofing your home

What are the 5 most important things you do/have done to child/baby-proof your home?

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We don't actually do anything to childproof our home. We just teach our kids what is dangerous, and how to be around the dangers safely. Curious to hear what other people have to say!


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1. get a lock on the oven and teach them that it's dangerous
2. lock up chemicals/cleaning supplies or make them inaccessible
3. look for sharp edges and move certain furniture out of the way when baby is learning to stand and walk and then add it back in after they are walking well
4. baby gate stairs until the child understands they are dangerous and is able to handle not just going up, but going down on their own. DS is finally at this stage.
5. baby proof the child's bedroom once they move out of the crib (mine won't stay in bed so whole room has to be safe)

that's what I have. I do have locks on some kitchen cabinets, but that's for less cleanup for me, not safety reasons! Oh and we do have covers on the outlets because it makes DH feel better I think. I have a friend that locks their toilet because their son is a menace when it comes to toilet water! LOL