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Car seatsfor 3? xp

I have a VW Touran (not sold in US). I am not getting a new car. It fits any 3 car seats in the back row.
But my problem is how to do it. #1 is in this seat:
The infant carrier I have, with an isofix base or a seat belt base (I have two, but only use the isofix) is this one: (but mine is 3 yrs old)
We really like #1's seat, but she can only use the impact shield until 18 KG. After that it is just HBB mode. She will be 4 when baby comes. Here there really aren't any options to keepkids harnessed past 18KG. The seat I have to buckle everytime she gets in and out of the car, like a booster does.
#2 will be slightly shy of 2 yrs old when the baby comes. He is still way under the weight limit of his seat and height wise, his head is getting close.I was hoping he would stay small until he hits 2 Lol , then we could move him to #1's seat. Then her to a regular HBB.

We could buy him a seat just like hers and she stays in her seat, if he outgrows his before she does, kwim?

We could buy him a Swedish seat (I am thinking this one: ) now. But I am not sure if it could be installed in the middle because of the hump in the floor, kwim?

The people who make the car seat #1 has says that due to the impact shield it is just as safe as rfing. I have a friend who was in a terrible accident, baby was completely fine in this tye car seat.

With the rfing seat, it would only go to 18Kg, whereas the seat like #1's goes to 36Kg. They are about the same price(#1's slightly cheaper). I can go to a store and check out seats like #1's. The other seat would have to be shipped from Sweden sight unseen. I am not a fan of this at all. I have bought 2 other car seats online with great reviews from people and they were both pains in the butt! Then one broke (long story) and I had to ship it back and forth 10 times to get it fixed, whereas if I get it at a store, I take there leave it there, kwim?

Anyway, which would work better possibly 2 rfing seats and one booster like seat. Or 2 booster like seats and one rfing seat? I am mainly concerned about when all 3 seats are in, buckling the 2 booster like seats. Will that be a super pain? Is it easier to harness the kid in the middle than buckle? kwim?

Does anyone else have a similar situation? Small car and 3 kids?

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Great question.

My expertise deals with American cars and seats. Europe tends to have stricter standards when it comes to child safety. I can tell you that all occupants (except the driver) would be safer rear facing. That's based on the physics of a crash. I've also been taught that shields are not a good thing. The ones we have here though look quite different than the one in the link you posted. So, I dunno. I can't answer your question.


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It is weird how different US standards are than here. I had to pretty much unlearn everything I had learned in US to be comfortable with the seats here Lol

The shield seats are different than those in Usa, and are highly rated here. When I first saw them I was like no way my kid is sitting in one of those! But here they do well in testing.