Extended rear-facing, where do you stand?

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Extended rear-facing, where do you stand?

On my DD's birth board some of us were talking about the AAP RF recommendations and the corresponding crash test evidence that goes with those recommendations. You may have seen the Facebook post going around about the new AAP recommendations for RF to at least age 2. The comments are extremely varied on where people stand on the issue, so I was wondering, where do YOU stand?

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I'm for a minimum of 2 years old plus 25lbs (or more if carseat doesn't support FF at that weight, though most do). The AAP was recommending 1year RFing and we kept DS RFing until 26 months. DD is currently RFing and will remain that way until January at least. I'm thinking of RFing her until we have #3 (plan would be for next July) so she'd be 2 1/2 at that point and we'd have to FF to fit three carseats across (two Radians FF and an infant bucket seat).

Ideally I would have liked to RF DS and DD until 3 years old, but we ended up turning DS because he was crying that his feet hurt every time we drove anywhere and at that point he was over 2 so we turned him. We'll see on baby #3 and if DD is happy RFing.