10 Long Months!! Vent

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10 Long Months!! Vent

Today takes me into my 10th month of ttc. Its been a long and trying. I got some great news from my dr saying the clomid had worked and I did finally 0 from the Clomid and she was able to pin point the day I was having bood drawn 3 days a week for 3 weeks. Last thursday she said you should start af within a week. Well it's been a week and 1 day and nothing. I am to call Monday if I don't start this weekend. I am upset because I thought we were so close.

Dh doesn't understand he is like we just need more sex! Whatever! And people that I know don't understand that my family is not complete yet and we really want another baby. It just brings me down.

I don't know how some ladies do it ttc for years and years I think I would be heart broken.

Thanks for letting me vent :confused:

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it is definately frustrating and hard emotionally and it's good that you're feeling safe to vent - I am sending a HUGE hug your way! :bigarmhug: