Amazing turn of events (preg ment)

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Amazing turn of events (preg ment)

Looks like I'm not starting on clomid after all. I had my HSG this month and about 2 weeks after that I O'd naturally! Not only did I O, I got pregnant with my husband's low morphology sperm Wink

I'm still pretty stunned, doc had originally told us we would have a low chance, since i had issues ovulating and DH's 3% morphology, the odds were against us. Look at that!

I even got an ultrasound today which stunned me. Doc likes to make sure its not ectopic, so he checks on all newly preggo patients. Unfortunately since I tested positive way before my period, there wasnt anything to see yet, but he did say I had a nice thick lining. I go back in a couple weeks for another u/s to confirm placement and to find heartbeat Smile

I wish you ladies all the luck in the world, I'm going to throw some pregnancy vibes in the water!

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Wow congrats! I guess when it's your time it's just your time! Smile Wonderful news! What a miracle you have baking in there!

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Congrats!! I have heard that a lot of women get PG right after an HSG. This is wonderful news! Smile

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I had heard that too - I wonder if its purely coincidence or if there's some kind of science behind it. That was one of the worst pains i have felt! SO worth it.

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Congrates Sandra!! It is great when there are nice surprises that happen!

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Congratulations! Im so happy for you!

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Congrats!!! Yahoo

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What a great success story! When it's meant to be, it's meant to be! Congrats to you! What a beautiful story!