Another month I'm out

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Another month I'm out

So AF decided to show her ugly face last night. I honestly do not think I am ever going to get pregnant. I am taking this month a little better (probably the anti depressant I'm on) but I'm still upset. I just can't expect to get pregnant when DH doesn't come near me sexually ever. I have to fight with him to DTD during O time, and then he complains that I'm using him. I'm just so lost:(

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Awwww you will get pregnant eventually, I know that disappointment after disappointment can really wear you down emotionally and create tension within a marriage especially if sex becomes somewhat of a job rather than a romantic connection between you two. I know that with TTC it can be difficult, but I would suggest trying to put the romance back in sex, sometimes the fact that it is intimate and more connective can perhaps assist in conceiving rather than sex becoming a stressor. Speaking from experience when we were first trying to TTC with our baby girl sex became such a routine that it lost its luster, after letting go and just being romantic and focusing on the intimacy of sex rather than if we will get pregnant or not we conceived a month after!!!!! I honestly believe that intimate connection had something to do with it, and if it didn't who cares!! It's important not to forget about each other as a couple especially when TTC ( = HTH and I hope you feel better!

PS We actually conceived our daughter from spontaneous sex in an old pick-up truck!! Sorry if TMI but just goes to show that sometimes you have to just do it because your both hot and sexy ( = I think it gives the spermies encouragement

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Sorry for another disappointment. It gets harder and harder sometimes! DH and I made a deal long ago that as long as I never let him know when I "needed" him and tried to keep it so that it was less of a "job" he'd alwyas be willing. Works out well for us and he doesn't feel used or like it's a chore. Sometimes men just aren't as capable of dealing with the trials of ttc as we are. That's why these boards are great (for me at least).

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I agree because I feel the disappointment month after month. But I am thankful I have this board of women to complain and rejoyce with. I know yall are the only ones that really wanna hear about when I ovulate and if we caught that eggy month after month.