Another month starting with my hand in a tampax box!

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Another month starting with my hand in a tampax box!


I knew this was not my month because I started spotting two days ago and earlier than normal in my cycle.... In the last half hour the witch has made her presence very much so known:help1:

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:bighug: I'm so sorry Molly! I think it's about time for your BFP! Wink Praying for you!

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I'm so disappointed for you Molly!! I am dying for you to get that BFP!! I really hope this is the last month you have to reach into that box! Smile I'm gonna be following you!

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So sorry the witch arrived! Hopefully you don't have to worry about those blue boxes much longer.

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Miss Molly,
I believe you are now on the "OVERDUE" list -- overdue to get a BFP!

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Oh Molly, I am so sorry.

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Thank you so much ladies!

I really appreciate it! Things have been so crazy lately that I have not even had a chance to get on here and see how my girls are!

I have been dealing with some other health issues so I don't see a BFP in my future anytime soon! I am feeling that I belong on the overdue list as well.... At least I am not crazy!

They found an abnormality with my liver and they believe it was actually from a birth defect from when I will still in my mothers womb!!!! There is some sort of tumor as well and I will be going in for an MRI within the week. I still am waiting for some blood work but I have been in so much pain in that region for a couple of weeks that I can barely eat! If I do I am sick.... I have lost almost 20 lbs in two weeks time.

It's just one thing after another! I have been thinking about you all and keeping you all in my prayers!

Now I have a lot of catch up reading to do!!!! Time to see what the heck is going on around here!


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Holy Schmoly Molly - that's crazy! :eek:
You sure get a load of crap going your way when it comes your way - I am sending you a HUGE hug girl! I hope they can get your liver figured out and fixed soon! It's quite an important organ. Crazy that they only find it at this point in your life - I think your guardian angels are working with you on it all for it to be found out now.
:bigarmhug: XOXOX!!!

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Thanks tacie!

I know... I don't know why it took until now but I hope things can get figured out and fast. It's miserable feeling this sick and extremely tired while having to sit thru work! I just want to be in my bed! Honestly! And yes, when it rains, it pours for us!

I had some O pains last night...... My husband gently seduced me but I can tell you.. tonight... there is no chance! No way possible so this month doesn't seem like one we are going to push too hard on until they figure things out....

Thanks for all the support!