Back after a few years (child ment)

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Back after a few years (child ment)

Thought I would introduce myself since it looks like I am back in the clomid club. Im Ashley, mom to clomid miracle Shannen 3 1/2 and Erinne 2. I have PCOS and used clomid and metformin to conceive my oldest in 2006. I didnt need assistance with Erinne (maybe because it was 9 months after I had Shannen) and thought I wouldnt need help this time either but my ovaries have another idea!! Even though Im at the lowest weight I've ever been at while TTC I have now had 2 annovulatory cycles even though I am getting + OPKs. My OB is out of town until the 28th which should be right about the beginning of my cycle so I am hoping she will put me back on clomid right away. Not looking forward to the hot flashes and mood swings (poor DH) but hopeful Ill start ovulating again!

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Welcome back! Hopefully your stay is fairly short.