Best Day Ever.......................XP

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Best Day Ever.......................XP

I GOT MY PERIOD!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! 11 months WITH NO PERIOD ANDI GOT IT!!! I am SO OVER THE MOON!!!! I had some blood work and my ob called again after hours she said that my levels dropped to normal and it is for sure a period!!!! So I started my clomid today and I PRAY August will be my month!!!!! Hugs to all you ladies who supported me!!! Really it meant a lot and honestly I was giving up on faith and I should have trusted it all along!!!!

My period is not heavy at all but she said there wasn't much to shed from my ultrasound 2 weeks ago so it won't be heavy but that is ok seeing RED made my day!! I just wanted to shere!!!!

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Yay!!!!! I hope this is your month!!! Good luck ( =

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Just wanted to say congrats on AF showing and I hope this is your month!!! Smile

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Congrats and hope this is your month!