Big Decision

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Big Decision

Hi ladies,

Well it's been a long road for DH and I on our TTC journey, as most of you know. We have been having quite long talks lately and today I was calling in to schedule our IUI (for Thursday) and decided to call him first -- we decided to skip it.
So we are on a break till the new year for TTC -- of course we will not be preventing Wink
I have a MRI scheduled in November (date to be announced to me still) and December we meet with our RE to review our file. At that time we will see if I need to have surgery to make corrections to my uterius or if we are going to start injections with IUI in January.

Tomorrow is our (wedding) anniversary so we are going to celebrate that we have survived - have a few beverages and have a whole lot of fun at our hotel room Wink

Of course I will be still popping in to chat with you ladies - you have been the reason that I am still sane! I wish you all the best of luck still on your journeys :bigarmhug:

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I'll be thinking of you! I hope you have a wonderful wedding anniversary! :bighug:

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Tacie, I wish you the best of luck. You know everyone says it happens when you least expect it (I so hate those words, but hopefully it is true for you!!) Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your time together

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thanks girls Smile

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I really hope you get a BFP before you need to start the injections! However they worked great for us! We had 4 failed IUIs before getting that first BFP on our first injectables cycle. I hope you don't need surgery and that you have a wonderful anniversary today!!

I will be thinking about you and checking on you still!!

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Tacie I wish you the best of luck!! I hope that the new year brings you a BFP! Enjoy your wedding aniversary!!! Sending lots of prayers and thoughts and hugs!!!!

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Hey Honey, I first off want to wish you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I hope you guys have a blast tonight in your hotel room!

You have been thru so much and I hope that things turn around for you big time. I pray that you are one of the couples that gets their BFP when they finally stop trying! Good luck with your MRI and please keep us posted if you feel up to it!

I wish you nothing but the best and a life full of blessings and laughter!

Love you honey! :bigarmhug:

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Taci-- Enjoy your anniversary! I still think about you often, and continue to hope/pray for your success. :bigarmhug: