Can I hang out for a while?

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Can I hang out for a while?

Today is CD5 and I am starting my 6th IUI cycle this month. I hung out for a while back in Feb/March when we did our 5th IUI. It was our first injectable cycle and we got pregnant, but I miscarried at 11w5d due to a blighted ovum.

We are headed to the RE today to have our baseline u/s and get my script for femara. I will be doing femara cd5-9 and follistim starting cd10. I am very nervous about this b/c I am starting at a new RE and I'm worried that this month will be a total bust. At our previous RE I did a cycle of just femara CD 4-8 and had a HUGE follie at my first u/s on cd11. That cycle ended in BFN. I wish my RE had started me on the femara earlier in my cycle, but I'm trying pretty hard to just trust her.

I'm excited to get to know all you ladies and have some TTC support again!

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Hey Caitlin!

Great to hear from you! Sooo very sorry to hear about your m/c :bigarmhug: I understand how hard it is.
I really REALLY hope that things work out this time 'round for you with the new RE! it sounds like you have a good game plan going so hopefully things are going to end in a BFP for you Smile

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I hope that your new RE puts you on Progesterone after the IUI too! Is that an option? I know the last IUI you had Progesterone... Just curious!

I'll be here to cheer you both on!!!

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Hey Caitlin!

I just wanted to wish you luck and tell you that yes, we of course will be here for you honey!

It sounds like you have a good plan and please keep us posted! I will have my eye on you girl!

Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!

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Hello! I just started my very first pill of Femara today but I'm doing it CD 3-7. Best of luck to you!

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Hi Caitlin! :wavehello: I've missed seeing you around and I'm sending you all of the baby dust I can muster. I truly hope things work out for you with your new totally deserve it. :bigarmhug:

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Hi Caitlin, I am wishing you the best of luck and lots of positive thoughts. I am using something similar to femara as well.


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Hi Caitlin, be sure to ask your RE about progesterone after your IUI. Good luck

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Hey ladies! Thanks so much for the warm welcome and best wishes!

My appt went great yesterday and I started the femara last night. In the past I have only taken 2.5mg but they started me on 5mg this time. I don't know if this is more likely to give me more follicles or if I'm just going to have one really humongous follicle Smile I didn't see the dr yesterday, just the nurse. She wasn't sure if my dr would want me on the progesterone or not. I told her I had some leftover and that I tend to have a thin lining. She said they will have me do a progesterone check at 7-8dpiui but if I'm on the progesterone they won't need me to have that checked. I go back for my first mid-cycle u/s on Monday and my dr will do all the u/s's from then on. I'll definitely be asking her b/c my BFP cycle was our first month on the progesterone also.

I'm excited that there are a couple of us starting femara Smile

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Hi Caitlin,

I remember you from before Wink , but I'm not sure if it was on this board or hopping along on the month boards....

Glad to hear that your appt went well, and welcome. I hope your visit here is short & sweet!