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Checking in...

Hi ladies..I have been occasionally lurking keeping an eye on you:p Since our loss we were instructed to not try again for 3 months so I have tried to stay away to prevent myself from going to my BB board and upsetting myself. Anyways, congrats to the recent BFP's, Good luck to the TTC, and I will be joining all of you in another month............TICK TOCK!!!!

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I am so glad you popped back in. I've missed you horribly. I hope you are doing well & will be announcing your BFP soon.

AFM, I just had surgery. The doctor took out a fibroid the size of a newborns head. I am in a ton of pain, but dealing with it. Back to work today. My boss has been wonderful. I tried yesterday, but he sent me home.

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It will be great to have you back!!!!! I am sorry again for your loss! See you in a month!!! I hope you are great!

Dawn, I still am amazed by the size of that fibriod! That is nuts! I am sorry you are still in so much pain and I hope work goes okay for you but don't push it! Fast recovery my friend!

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I've had to play the waiting game in the past too, and I know it sucks! Hope the next month goes swiftly for you, and we'll be here when it's time for you to come back Smile

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