clomid alone? or with IUI?

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clomid alone? or with IUI?

This board seems a little slow, but figured I'd try. Anyone out there whose doctor will only do clomid with IUI? My doctor never does clomid alone, because he says there is a "contraceptive effect" with clomid (drying of CM). I think I know of some people who have gotten pregnant with clomid alone, though I'm not completely sure. Couldn't you just use some sperm friendly lubricant?

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I would definitely recommend Clomid with IUI. My clomid dried me out like no tomorrow. Even with pre-seed it still wasn't doing the job. The IUI was wonderful too b\c it "washed out" the bad sperm, so that we only made sure good sperm got up in there!!! Plus, when you do Clomid with IUI, they usually monitor you so that you know how many follicles are growing.

IT's clearly personal preference, but even if I didn't have issues I would totally do IUIs from here on out! Wink

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With my baby (who is now 9 months old) I got prego on 100 mg Clomid alone.

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I also got pg with only clomid. We couldn't afford the IUI at the time. it worked out. I drank a lot of green tea during that time and it really helped the cm situation.

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I got pregnant with twins with clomid alone. Wink I had bought a tube of preseed but didn't end up using it. I was on 100mg. Good luck!

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It all depends on your and DH's history. If you have endometriosis or DH has low count/low motility/ low morph, doctor's tend to shy away from using Clomid alone as they don't believe it will work. Good luck