Clomid and depression

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Clomid and depression

Hi all.
We have been trying for some time, but have avoided meds because I have major depressive disorder. I do all I can to avoid a depressive episode, but we really want this, and I wonder if clomid is going to be a suggestion from my dr. Has anyone tried it with depression? Are the moodswings and hormones really been bad for depression? Does the effects last for long?
Sorry to drop in with ignorance and questions...hope you all don't mind! Smile

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The mood swings really depend on the person. I had them and they were bad for me. The emotional roller coaster was bad too. I was fine one minute, then bawling my eyes out the next. If I were you, I would definitely talk to my doctor about this. Make sure he is aware of your depression and see what he suggests. Good luck.