Clomid grad, coming back for more!

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Clomid grad, coming back for more!

Hi ladies! So many new faces...but some old faces, too. Smile

My name is Meredith and I've been married to my DH, Will, since January of 2005. We have two little boys, Trey (2 years) and Garrett (10 months). I have stuff, you know? I was fortunate to be a Clomid grad with Trey. After ttc for about 15 months, I got my bfp in October of 2007 on 150mg Clomid and 1500 mg Metformin. Amazingly, about 8 months after Trey was born, I cycled on my own but I assumed that I couldn't ovulate on my own...and 8 months later, Garrett was born.

I thought my body had worked out its kinks, but apparently not, since I'm not cycling now. However, we do want to ttc #3 some time early next year, so I'm on Provera until I'm ready for Clomid. EEK!! It's been so long...I'm almost forgetting all of the oh-so-joyous side effects. Wink

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you guys and wanted to offer this: since I've btdt...I'm more than willing to help in any way I can. Clomid was the key in fulfilling my dreams of becoming a mommy...and I know how it feels to go month after month with BFNs. Keep your chins up and hopes high. It can happen for each of you!!

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Welcome back Meredith. Hopefully you will get that BFP