Clomid and had 6 Large Follicles on Ultrasound

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Clomid and had 6 Large Follicles on Ultrasound

Hi! I just started taking Clomid this month. I went in for my scan last friday and they saw 6 large follicles on my right side (all follicles were between 16 and 19 in size) and one on my left.. they said that they would not suggest the trigger since I had so many? I was told to have intercourse the next 3 days... I have been reading online that most people were encouraged to stop TTC during a cycle with that many follicles. Should I be concerned about multiples? I don't mind twins but anything more I would probably have a panic attach! Smile Also anyone had the similar experience and got pregnant on the first round? Thanks again for your feedback! Blum 3

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I did Clomid and had a similar cycle. I did get to do the trigger as I was having an IUI. Unfortunately it didn't take. Good luck