Clomid for LPD

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Clomid for LPD

Hi ladies,

So DH & I have been trying to about 12 cycles - well more like 8 since a few I'm not sure we DTD at right time - and never once got a BFP Sad I believe I have a luteal phase defect, I'm pretty sure I ovulate (have gotten +OPK, OV pains, & EWCM) but LP is no more than 9 days. I'm having an ultrasound on Thurs, but no bloodwork until CD 20 (currently only CD 2) Dr said that if it determined that I in fact do have a LPD, that she'll prob start me on Clomid. I'm not 100% on how Clomid works, or what it does to improve LPD.

So just wondering if Clomid is the right choice for me, or if something would be better. Any sucess stories of women that had LPD and got pregnant with Clomid?

Thanks in advance!! Smile

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For a short LP, I would ask her for a progesterone supplement. That helps the LP. You may be ovulating on your own, but the eggs might not be "good" enough. Clomid will help make more. Has your DH had a sperm analysis? That is something he should have done before even starting on any meds so you know what you are dealing with. Good luck