Clomid miracle #3?

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Clomid miracle #3?

I've had 2 successful clomid babies Smile Now we're working on #3 and I'm so frustrated!! Finished our 2nd round at the beginning of Sept. I'm with a new Dr (moved) and he was going to keep me on 50 mg for 4 months when it took 150mg with both my others. He said he would raise it so I took 100mg (didn't want to jump to 150 too soon) for the first 2 days. Hubby went to get the new meds and insurance wouldn't pay for them. Took 50mg on the 3rd day. Nothing else. Okay ------here I am on cd38 and just spotting so light, it only shows up when I wipe. No flow. (took a test on cd30? I wasn't paying too much attention oddly enough. It was neg.) I've been having some nausea, excessive saliva, irritable... Now this could be all normal period stuff, but I never have normal periods unless I'm on clomid/progesterone.

Any thoughts? Ideas?