Clomid Newbie!

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Clomid Newbie!

Hi ladies,

My name is Emily and I was hoping to share my story:

I got married in July of 2010. Two weeks after being married I got a HORRIBLE bladder infection. I took an antibiotic and it seemed to help. Two weeks later I started getting the symptoms again, but all tests were negative. Last week my doctor ordered an ultrasound to see what was happening. Turns out they found a fibroid on my uterus and they referred me to my OB.

This morning was my OB appointment. He examined me and said that my fibroid was REALLY SMALL, nothing to worry about.

I haven’t had a period since June 2010 (my cycles are usually 35 days and all pregnancy tests, blood tests, and ultrasounds have been negative). He’s concerned about this (as my husband and I want to start trying). He said according to the ultrasound, my uterus lining is really thick which is a sign that AF is coming. Once she comes and goes he’s going to give me a uterine x-ray just to see what’s going on. He said I have a “deformed” uterus, but I was able to have my son full term 10 years ago. He thinks I’m not ovulating and is going to put me on Clomid. I am new to all this. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. How much will Clomid help? Will we be able to get pregnant rather fast or will it be a long journey? I have all these questions going through my head.

He’s also testing my Thyroid and hormone levels (which have never been tested).

I’m scared that we will not be able to get pregnant, but I can’t stress myself out!!!

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I am a clomid grad and just lurk the board from time to time (love to hear the sucess stories).

I think everyones journey with clomid is slightly different. For some it is very successful and works right away. Other's, their journey is longer and more difficult.

I was one of the lucky ones. Clomid worked for me on my second cycle with clomid and my stay on the bb was short. AF was not visiting and I was not ovulating prior to clomid. My first cycle was on 50mg days 5-9 (almost o'd day 21, 35 days cycle) and my second was on 100mg on days 3-7 (O'd cd15, BFP cd27).

Most people seem to have a lot of side effects with clomid. I had many side effects myself, but it did regulate my cycle and I o'd.

The women on the board are great and very supportive of each other. I hope you find the answer you are looking for on this bb and support you need.

Good luck to you! I hope to read your BFP very soon.

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Welcome to the board. I hope that your journey here is not too long. I was on here for awhile before but I was never able to get pg so I have basically taken this past year off to regain myself. I had very good luck with the clomid as far as ovulating, but the doctors were not able to figure out why I wasnt getting pg. My doc is running some tests this month and I am hopeful to be back on Clomid by next month.

I was pretty lucky with the side effects. The first month I was on it was bad, but after that my body adjusted and the only side effect I had was hot flashes so it wasnt that bad.

I hope all goes will with your tests feel free to ask any questions everyone here is really nice and willing to help

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Welcome! I'm not on Clomid, I'm on Femara which is like Clomid.

I hope your journey here is a short one!