Clomid question (XP)

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Clomid question (XP)

Ladies, have any of you used Clomid while charting? My chart has me very confused... it almost looks like I ovulated on day 6 or 7 but that doesn't seem very likely.

The one low temp I think was a mistake, but there's still a significant temp jump. I was on Clomid for days 3-7 and I'm wondering if it could have caused it as it built up in my system? The doc did see one egg that was in a hurry last week and he thought I might ovulate on day 10 (if left on my own - I'm assuming the Clomid would override that one early bird?)

I'm not really sure how this is supposed to work, because if that one egg does run the show then why did he say the IUI would be on Friday (day 13), based on the ultrasound on day 10 (tomorrow)?

Any thoughts?

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Take a peak at my chart I take clomid cd3-cd7. I am new to charting but my Re and OB said you Ovulate 10-15 days after ur last clomid pill!

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Clomid definitely messes with your chart, that is why the doctors like to monitor you. Good luck