Clomid works!!!!

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Clomid works!!!!

My husband and I have been trying for 3 full years after losing our pregnancy at 16 weeks. We did all sorts of infertility but when our insurance changed, all we could afford was to see a doctor who prescribed us clomid. We FINALLY got a BFP after 3 years. I'm only 8 weeks right now, so I'm definitely not in the clear, but I just want to let you ladies know that it really does work!! Keep your chin up and keep trying!!!

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Aww congrats!! I start clomid next month so im kind of excited

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Good luck with the Clomid/IUI, Tasha! As you know, it can work!!! Just make sure it is a monitoring cycle and he puts you on progesterone!!!!! Smile

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Thanks Meg i will!! You are def my inspiration

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Congratulations. I am going to see my OBGYN in a few months and I'm going to see if he will prescribe it for me again.