Consultation with Fertility Clinic (xp)

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Consultation with Fertility Clinic (xp)

Hi everyone,

Intro on me: I'm Sophia, 40; DH is Kris, 35. We have a 2.5 yo DD, she was conceived naturally approximately 2 years after I received a kidney transplant thanks to my DH who donated one of his kidneys to me.

We have been trying for just over 2 years for DD's sibling(s), and have had 2 cp's during that time. So we've been tested - unexplained fertility (or maybe age-related?) and referred to a fertility clinic.

Which brings me to my question - we are having a consultation with them Tues Sept 27, what should I be asking about fertility options and esp about Clomid? Any advice, knowledge, tips, etc...??


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Hi there! I haven't had to go to a fertility specialist or anything as of yet but I have PCOS and DH might have some slight motility problems so they thought we might have some trouble trying to have a baby. This is my first cycle of Clomid, currently in the 2WW, and I was very nervous about starting the drug.

I did a lot of research and I asked my doctor a lot of questions at my appointment. I think one thing that's good to know when you're thinking about taking Clomid is whether or not you ovulate on your own to begin with. They can usually tell this by doing a day 21 or 23 progesterone test. They check it on the 21 or 23rd day of your cycle depending on when you would normally ovulate to see if you have and how well you ovulate. I ovulated on my own and it was okay but not great. They thought Clomid would help and this cycle I hyperovulated which means I released more than one egg which is really good!

There are some side effects with Clomid that can be rough but I didn't really have anything that difficult to deal with. For me the worst part was ovulating and it was more painful than usual but it wasn't like I couldn't function or anything. There was just no doubt that that's what was going on. For me it lasted about 24 hours, the discomfort, but I think it's different for everyone.

Also when on Clomid a lot of doctors like to do other tests to make sure you're responding well to the drug since it can cause ovarian cysts and things like that sometimes. They often do ultrasounds to see how many follicles you have and just to check everything out. My doctor didn't feel this was necessary but most doctors do it so I would think a fertility specialist would probably want to.

I also asked my doctor about the side effects and if it could make pms worse (mine's horrible already) and what the chances were of having any of the rare side effects. He told me he's been using the drug for 12 years and has never had a patient get pregnant with twins or have major problems with their ovaries as a result. There are also multiple ways of taking the Clomid or at least two that I know of. There's the pill and then there's injections. The pill seems to cause less side effects for people and there seems to be less of a chance for anything really negative happening from what I understand.

Sorry this is so long! I just wanted to help if I could! I think the Clomid is worth it so far and I was so nervous to start it. I hope your appointment goes well and you get all the answers you need! Good luck and KUP!

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Hi there! How did you appt. go? What did the RE say?

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Sophia, sorry I am just seeing this. How did the appointment go?

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Sorry ladies, just back to this! My appt at the fertility clinic was ok, we are both "normal" for our ages, meaning that my infertility is mostly due to age, as FSH at 10 is normal at 40 yo. Based on stats, the dr's recommendation was IVF (of course), as stats apparently don't show IUI being any more effective than the old fashioned way. Wink

I have a pelvic u/s booked for Oct 19 and Day 2 bloodwork to be done probably in the next few days. We have a follow up appt with him in early Nov.

To be honest, I'm not really into IVF *just* to give DD a sibling. Might consider IUI though, I'll have to talk to the dr to see how supportive he is on that. But of course, I may completely change my mind on all this by appt time.