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Well, af arrived a couple days ago. And since it was such a long cycle, it's been SUPER heavy. I'm obviously disappointed, but not much I can do other than keep trying. Today is CD4, and day 2 of my clomid (50mg).

Is anyone else noticing weight gain? Or is it just me?

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I'm on Femara and I haven't noticed weight gain.

Sorry you're having such a crappy cycle. :bigarmhug:

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There was definie weight gain for me on Clomid & injectables. Keep your chin up & look forward to this cycle. Good luck

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I agree with Dawn -- chin up girl! It could always be worst than what it is right now

I have put on 60lbs from when I first started taking Clomid - it sucks but it's part of the side effects that we have to put up with for getting pg...but it will be worth it all when the BFP arrives and all sticks.