Estrogen? (pregnancy/child mentioned)

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Estrogen? (pregnancy/child mentioned)

Hi Ladies:

I know this is a clomid board, but I figured that you all would be the most knowledgable.
My doctor recently prescribed estrogen cream - to be applied topically to the skin around the entrance to my vagina. We are hoping to soften the skin in that area that has hardened from scaring as a result of child birth. Because of nursing, my estrogen levels are likely lower than normal (assuming, we didn't test for it).

Anyway, I didn't think to ask -- will this impact my cycle in anyway? I did ask about it impacting nursing (my son is almost 14 months). I also asked if I conceived whether it would be safe to the baby. But, I never thought about asking whether it will impact my ovulation / period. Does anyone know?

Thanks much!

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Gosh.... I really don't know! Good Questions! I just wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK and tell you that someone on here will know! I have learned so much from these ladies so more than likely you came to the right place. I have never had to use that cream though as I have never been able to give birth to a child YET. I pray it's coming soon though!

Good Luck to you!!!! I hope you find the answer you are looking for!!!!