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    Default Feeling a bit down

    So I still have no sign of O. Last cycle I O'd on day 14 and that was my 1st time on Femara. This cycle I doulbed my dose and still no sign. I've had off and on ovary pain since CD 5 or so. No EWCM either. I was perusing charts on FF and most women on Femara O'd around CD 15-16 and I didn't see one chart that showed Femara days 1-5. I'm thinking next cycle I'm going to go days 3-7 instead of 1-5. I just don't think days 1-5 is working for me.

    I'm just feeling really depressed about all this since I had my u/s on Wednesday. I know I already have 1 child but I do NOT want him to be an only child. He turns 3 in Oct and I'm not even pg yet. There is already going to be a larger age gap then what I wanted. I tried convincing DH that we should start for #2 sooner rather than later bc I didn't feel it would happen like it did with DS. I know I shouldn't feel like this but part of me is upset at him that he wanted to wait this long.

    If/when we do go to fertility doctor, I'm afraid everthing is going to cost too much. I have no idea how much injections etc. cost. We'll probably have to stop TTC to save money depending on the cost and I know my insurance doesn't cover it.

    Anyway....thanks for listening. Just need some encouraging right now.

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    Hey V,

    Don't get too down in the dumps about it all - I understand how frustrating it is when you're on meds that are to help you O and you don't. It does suck but it's just part of how things go. I started off on 50mg of Clomid, I am now up to 150mg and that is what it took to work for me -- and it only works every second time because for some reason I don't kick out eggs on one side. I think if I were you, I would talk to my doctor and discuss getting your dose switched to CD 3-7 and also see if you can get b/w done to check if you Oed or if you're just under - they can tell by the numbers if you did or if you're close and can adjust meds accordingly. You may also want to look at trying Clomid - I have heard that with some it works better than Ferma and for others Ferma works better than Clomid.

    If you ask your doctor, they can provide you with a pricelist showing an estimate of what it would cost to do IUIs, etc. With IUIs you can take oral drugs (Ferma, Clomid) or they can have you do injections - in your case you may just have to do orals. Once you have an idea of cost you can see if it would work for you.

    Just remember, it will all work
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    I definitely understand your frustration. Don't give up. Will your clinic work with you on a payment plan if the fertility treatments aren't covered by insurance?

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