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So after 2 years of trying and 8 failed rounds of clomid and finding out i have PCOS I finally went and saw a RE. She suggested we try Femara/HCG shot/IUI. I was wondering if anyone has had any success using this method?

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I think thats def a step in the right direction. I did 4 failed IUIs (2 unmedicated, 2 medicated) before I finally did an IUI cycle with femara/follistim(injectable)/hcg trigger/iui. I got a BFP on my first inj cycle. We did another inj cycle this month (same protocol) and I had 3-4 mature follies and now I'm in the 2ww. If I could do it again I would have requested to start with the injectable type cycle. Its just as much work as the femara/trigger/iui b/c you still have to do the u/s and labs and stuff but you have a much better chance with the injectables.

I can understand that everyone has to move in their own pace though (I was scared to death of the injections) so i think the hcg trigger and IUI are definitely a good direction to go.

GL and KUP on how it goes!! We love to obsess around here!! Smile

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I have done femara/HCG/IUI cycles. I did respond very well to the femara, but other factors are involved in our fertility issues (not just lack of ovulation) and we did not concieve using this treatment. (THis is not to say it won't work for you.) But have trust in your FS, most Dr's will have you try the "easier" and more affordable options first if you try it and are not happy to keep going with it and want to try something more aggressive tell your Dr this.