Fingers Still Crossed???

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Fingers Still Crossed???

So AF still has not shown up and I'm 18 DPO. I called the infertility clinic this morning to give them the news and tell them I needed to get an appt for a progesterone injection. I don't have periods on my own so this is pretty standard procedure for me. She called back and said she was shocked I didn't start on my own because my numbers were in the ovulation range. She asked if I had tested...and I had. I tested on 13 DPO and 15 DPO...both were BFNs. So I'm going to test again tmw morning and hopefully get my beautiful BFP.

I have had some signs (tender breasts and cramping) but I shrugged them off as AF on it's way. I did get nauseus on Saturday morning though. This is SUCH an emotional rollercoaster!!!


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How did it go??? My fingers are crossed for you!

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