FREE! Attend Mind Belly Connection Fertility & Wellness Summit

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FREE! Attend Mind Belly Connection Fertility & Wellness Summit

Is your dream to conceive in 2014? You won't want to miss The Mind Belly Connection Fertility and Wellness Summit January 13th-17th! Completely online and completely FREE! Twenty incredible fertility experts (including our friend Kristen Magnacca Darcy of "Love and Infertility" ) will be sharing their amazing knowledge, powerful fertility secrets and strategies, plus an abundance of free bonus materials and resources.

View the schedule and register TODAY!

Just a bit of what you may discover during the summit:

  • A less expensive, less invasive and more holistic approach to becoming pregnant.
  • The essentials in preparing your body for pregnancy.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about your hormones.
  • The truth about trying to have a baby over the age of 35 and into your 40s.
  • How to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage.
  • How to support your emotional well-being while trying for your baby.
  • Ways to drastically increase your egg and sperm health.
  • How to overcome your PCOS diagnosis.
  • How to regulate your monthly cycles and track ovulation.
  • How to access to hundreds of dollars in FREE fertility resources.

I am very interested in getting feedback for this event. If you are able to attend (or at least listen to any of the recordings), please give me your honest opinion on whether you found this a positive experience that you would recommend to others in the future. It *seems* like a great opportunity to connect with a host of fertility experts, doctors, acupuncturists and holistic health practitioners all in one spot -- for FREE (a word not often used with fertility help!) I'd love to share this more in the future but want to get your personal reviews!

I hope this is a wonderful experience for all participants and that we will be celebrating many more birthdays in 2014/15!